Billing and Collections

Clean Claim Submissions:

Our industry leading claim scrubber assures that the majority of claims are paid on the first submission. Instead of waiting for the denial to be received and going through the hassle of re-submission and/or the appeal process, over 90% of clerical errors are caught prior to claim being transmitted.

Patient Billing

Patient Billing has become a significant factor when determining the success of a practice. In today’s market most insurance plans come with high deductibles, coinsurances, and copays that require a high level of diligence and consistency to assure steady collections. Our patient statements were professionally designed with the patient in mind, providing them with as much information as possible regarding their balance. Our statements also offer the patient with several payment options. Payment plans are also arranged if necessary.


Accounts Receivable Management

Our company has a highly trained department that only manages denials for our Anesthesia and ASC clients. When a claim is denied our team of Accounts Resolution Specialists are trained to resolve claims over the phone and/or resubmit a corrected claim without having to enter the lengthy Appeal Process that can last over 90 days.

Anesthesia Consulting Services

When it comes to most Anesthesia Groups or Ambulatory Surgical Centers a traditional billing company usually falls short. The needs of your entity will always go above and beyond just billing and collections. Reaching maximum potential requires a company with an ALL-IN-ONE philosophy and years of unrivaled experience primarily focused in Southern California.

Our company was created with “you” the client in mind. As you are already aware, every group and facility is unique. Therefore we custom tailor all our services based on your needs. We take pride in often being referred to as “experts in Southern California’s complex payer system”. Our customized billing approach and tools were developed to provide you with a crystal clear and detailed snapshot of your practice at any time.

Our company also takes the headache out of the credentialing process and contract negotiations. We offer ongoing credentialing services for government entities, health plans, and medical groups/IPAs. Metro Anesthesia Consultants takes care of your practice’s Revenue Cycle so you can focus on the quality of care to your patients.

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